David Sarginson


David Richard Sarginson
Meriden, Warwickshire


Coroner for Coventry from 1985-2007

Preceded by


Succeeded by

Sean McGovern

David Richard Sarginson (born 1936) was the Coroner for the city of Coventry from 1985 to 2007.


David Richard Sarginson was born in 1936 in Meriden, then part of Warwickshire, and became the coroner for the nearby city of Coventry in 1985. In 1961, Sarginson, a qualified solicitor, founded Sarginson's Law. Then, in 1985, he was promoted to Coventry's coveted role of Senior Coroner, whose job it was to investigate deaths in unnatural circumstances.

When he retired at the end of 2007, having been the city coroner for the last 22 years, along with Michael Coker, the coroner for Warwickshire, the subsequent merger of those two areas saw Sean McGovern taking over both positions.