Michael Coker


Michael Francis Coker
5 June 1935
Coventry, Warwickshire


Coroner for Warwickshire from 1991-2007

Preceded by

Allan Dixon

Succeeded by

Sean McGovern

Michael Francis Coker (born 5 June 1935) was the Coroner for Warwickshire from 1991 to 2007, and former Mayor of Kenilworth.


Michael Francis Coker was born in 1935 in Coventry, then part of Warwickshire. He was formerly a one time mayor of Kenilworth, and became the coroner for the county of Warwickshire on 1st January 1991. In July of 2000, Mr. Coker was disqualified from driving for a year and fined £400 for drink driving.[1]

When he retired at the end of 2007, along with David Sarginson, the coroner for Coventry, Sean McGovern took over both positions as a result of a merger between the two areas.